Reports say that multiple school employees were left with injuries after forcibly restraining an intruder on their campus. A combination of school administrators and teachers worked together to hold down the intruder who jumped the school fence and eventually made it inside of the building.


The incident reportedly occurred at Inglewood Elementary School in Nashville, Tennessee. According to reports, everything began when the students were out at recess.

As the teacher was instructing her kindergarteners to go inside, she observed a man jump over the school fence and began running towards her class.


This is when the teacher attempted to explain to the intruder that he was not allowed inside of that entrance to the school. She reiterated the he was not allowed inside of the building but still, the intruder lunged towards the children in an attempt to get inside.

Reports say that the intruder continued to attempt to gain entry to the school building and a struggle ensued. The intruder was eventually able to gain entry to the school, but the teacher wrestled the man to the ground with both of them falling.

via KNOE 8 News
via KNOE 8 News

Eventually, two other staff members at the school joined in to support the teacher in her efforts to fight off the intruder. The three of them were able to push the intruder into a corner and restrain him from proceeding further down the hallway.

The trio held down the intruder for approximately ten minutes until police arrived. All three teachers were injured during the struggle, but are recovering. The school employees said that they were grateful that the intruder was not able to get very far into the school.

Check out the full interview with the heroic school employees below.



See the full report from KNOE 8 News here.

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