A 15-year-old from Florence, Alabama is recovering from being bitten by a shark in Orange Beach, Alabama late last week. Maximus Chilton was on vacation with his family when they were searching for shells on one of the sandbars in front of the Phoenix IV condominiums. It was their first trip to Orange Beach, and according to his dad, Chilly Chilton, they were suddenly surrounded by hundreds of 2-3 ft fish coming in with each wave. That's when they decided to leave the sandbar and head back to the beach, which was about 80-100 yards away.

Chilton says as soon as his son swam off from the sandbar he let out a scream that something had bitten him in the foot. He told TV station WKRG, "Without thinking I stepped right behind him and as I looked back saw the very thing you never want to see… it was a large shark (large to me, at least 4-5 feet)."

According to Orange Beach Assistant Police Chief Robert Howard, a 911 call came in from someone on the beach at around 1:19 pm. The teenager was taken to treated at South Baldwin Regional Medical Center and reportedly received 25 stitches. WARNING: The photos are quite gruesome, but you can see them here from WKRG TV.

According to Orange Beach Safety Director Brett Lesinger, this is only the third shark bite in Orange Beach in 10 years. Check out the video and more on the attack below.




This story came from an interview with my daughter Zoe Chilton after the shark attack.

Posted by Chilly Chilton on Saturday, August 1, 2020


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