A teen who slipped into a coma after a tragic car accident had her breathing tubes taken out, was ready to be declared brain dead, and have her organs harvested for donation woke up! Keep reading for the incredible story as well as a possibly sick twist about her doctors.

An incredible thing happened to Carina Melchior when she woke up. She's now quickly becoming known as the girl who refused to die.

What the doctors are being accused of is very disturbing!

From Inquisitr:

Carina is currently staying at a rehabilitation center and is once again learning how to talk, walk, and even how to ride on her horse, Mathilde. Melchior’s family is in the process of suing the hospital for damages, maintaining that the physicians had been desperate to harvest the their daughter’s usable organs.


Family attorney, Nils Fjedberg, claims that Carina has asked repeatedly if the doctors were trying to kill her. He added that the events which unfolded at the hospital have been a traumatic experience for both the teenager and her parents. The young woman’s parents were allegedly convinced that there was no hope for recovery and the only thing left to be done was to donate her organs.



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