Dwayne Reed, a first year teacher in Chicago, decided to forego the boring "Welcome Back" letter, and instead recorded a song, and even filmed a music video to welcome students to the 4th grade!

The video introduces himself to his students, and explains that hard work is necessary to learn, but it can also be really fun!

You might find that the melody in the song sounds familiar. A Michael Jackson song comes to mind. It was brought to Mr. Reed's attention, but the new teacher assures he didn't intend to steal anyone's music.

It has come to our attention that Mr. Reed's song has a melody very similar to Michael Jackson's "I Will Be There." The artist did not intend to steal, rip, riff, or mimic Mr. Jackson's song, but apparently, powerful songs and their sounds can remain lodged in people's memory even decades after they've been released or heard. As to avoid any controversy or issues, Mr. Reed has chosen not to sell his "Welcome to the 4th Grade" song, opting only to use it as a fun way to connect with his students and start the school year with some excitement!

This is sure to get you in a great mood, and hopefully put a smile on your face.

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