A kindergarten teacher slammed a 6 year old student against a wall, grabbed him by his face, and yelled things like "I will rip you apart" at him. She got a very minuscule punishment for it too.

The assault was caught by the school's security cameras. The reason the teacher did this was because he used a bathroom that he was not assigned to.

She was given a 10 day suspension. The kicker is that there were 10 days left in the school year when she was given her "punishment". So, she starts her summer 10 days early.

The parents of the student are obviously not happy about this whole situation. They thought that it was just a little incident, until they were shown the video.

Anthony Nelson, the father of 6 year old Ian had this to say:

“I would love to rip her apart, but that’s not right. If I went to the school and if I were to do to her what she did to him, I’m going to be in jail. I wouldn’t expect an adult to be treated like that let alone a six year old child.”

Here's the video:

What do you think the teacher's punishment should have been?

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