Ladies, have you ever found your significant other, or sometimes a complete stranger, staring longingly at your chest and thought, “Gee, I wish I had a message to convey?”  Well , now you do! Thanks to Jodi and Michelle, self-proclaimed “entrepre-gals,” women can now sport ‘TaTa Tattoos’– temporary tattoo messages placed directly onto cleavage. One can only sit and wonder what drinking game resulted in this genius idea.

These mammary messages highlight “a woman’s best assets” while giving her just a hint of sophistication.  Jodi and Michelle’s initial creations had phrases like “Bite Size”, “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, and “Lucky You.” Your significant other’s eyes will light up when they read “Spank Me” sprawled across your chest or the popular “Happy Birthday” gift that already comes partially unwrapped.

TaTa Tattoos has become an overnight success, and is planning on rolling out some new titillating phrases in the future. We’re hoping they go with something clever like “Store Bought” or “Don’t Resuscitate.”

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