It's time to call these non-Cajun "gumbo" recipes out.

And who better than a talking link of boudin to denounce these terrible gumbos? The guys over at CajuNerd Media have brought us hilarious characters like Mr. Ro-Bear, Old Paw Paw, Billy Mais-La and many others through their Dub parodies and infomercials, but this Talking Link of Boudin means business.

Recently it was the 'Disney Gumbo' recipe that drew the ire of Cajun Country and now Southern Living is the latest to disgrace the famous dish with their "Warm Gumbo Dip."

Mr. Talking Link of Boudin brings up a good point in his video—there isn't necessarily anything "wrong" with these recipes. As a matter of fact, these dishes look delicious; but they aren't gumbo.

Maybe Mr. Talking Link of Boudin can put a stop to terrible gumbo recipes going viral.