Amazing Zombie Theme Park Could Be Built In Detroit [Video]
Take a city that has lost 1.1 million people (and the dilapidated buildings they leave behind).  Add an ambitious developer with a twisted sense of fun. Mix well. What do you get? Z World Detroit.
Mark Siwak is betting that you'll pay to be chased down the streets of Detroit by live actors in full Zo…
Acadiana’s Favorite Vacation Destinations
It's vacation time, Acadiana! As the summer sun slowly assumes it's position, the mass exodus along I-10 will soon be underway. Every day, more and more people packed SUVs will be spotted carrying vacationers every which direction. Facebook
Back from the Hawaiian Islands
I finally made it back to the mainland. Here are a few of my vacation pictures. Believe me, there are many more where that came from. But all you get is a little taste for now!