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New 'The Purge 2' Trailer
Frank Grillo is about to make a big impression with his role as Crossbones in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier,' but before that, check out his new horror role in the latest 'The Purge 2' trailer (the film being officially titled 'The Purge: Anarchy'). Grillo plays …
'The Purge 2' Trailer: This Time It's All-Out 'Anarchy'!
This is your emergency broadcast system to tell you that the 'Purge 2' trailer is finally online, and it brings back such fond memories of last year's hit summer horror -- only this time, we're headed away from the comfort of suburbia and straight into the heart of the city.
'The Purge 2' Will Commence in June 2014
After making bank on the first installment for such a relatively small production budget, Universal quickly signed off on 'The Purge 2.' So what date should we be sharpening our best blades for? Get ready because the next Purge will commence in eight months.
Trailer For 'The Purge' [Video]
Check out this movie trailer for "The Purge". The plot behind this movie is that unemployment is at 1%, crime is at an all time low, and America has never been so prosperous. What is to credit with all of this great fortune? Oh, just a lil something called "The Purge&q…