Siri Tries To Answer The Questions That Movies Ask [Video]
When you ask Siri a question on your iPhone, does she usually answer it for you? Listen to me, referring to software as "she". Well, BuzzFeed put together a cool video with movies asking Siri questions. Movies like Jaws, The Shawshank Redemption, even Predator! Check it out below!
The Real Samuel L. Jackson Siri iPhone Commercial [NSFW Video]
You've no doubt seen the iPhone commercial with Samuel L. Jackson making supper, and using Siri on his iPhone to help. was OK. But this dude is the most famous swearer in the world. He's known to make sailors blush with the language that comes out his mouth. So...internet to the …
When Siri Goes Psycho [Video]
The advance of the robot overlords continues daily. They suck us into submission with promise of help and the easement of life's little trials. That's all well and good, until they decide they have no need for you anymore.'s curtains for you, bro...