San Francisco 49ers David Akers Kicks Longest Field Goal Of All Time
While the Saints didn't pull out the W for us today, we can still say that we witnessed history. San Francisco 49ers kicker David Akers kicked the longest field goal of all time against the Green Bay Packers today, a 63 yarder. Keep reading to find out out why this kick is so impressive.
Collection Of Hand Altered Album Covers
The day of the LP may never return to it's glory days, but with websites like, we'll definitely never forget them.
I remember as a small kid messing around with my older brother's record collection. I would stare at the album art for hours, and sometimes, I'd doodl…
Turn Your Ashes Into Vinyl When You Die
A company in the UK called AndVinyly is giving you the chance to have your ashes pressed into a record when you die! It'll run you about $4,800, and can get up to 30 records with any audio recording you want. WIN!