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Paul Rudd Does Hilariously Bad Impressions [Video]
Paul Rudd really is a good actor. He's extremely funny, and can keep up with the best in the improv department. Sticking with the extremely funny part, here he is doing hilariously bad impressions with The League's Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer!
Paul Rudd Has Been Officially Cast As Marvel's 'Ant-Man'
After rumors and rumors surrounding the casting of Dr. Henry Pym in director Edgar Wright upcoming live-action adaptation of Marvel's Ant-Man, it has now been officially announced by Marvel Studios' studio chief Kevin Feige that Paul Rudd will be playing Ant-Man!
These 31 'Anchorman 2' Photos are Kind of a Big Deal
By the hammer of Thor! As ‘Anchorman 2’ inches closer to its December 18 premiere, Paramount has released photos by the truck loads of all the hijinks to come – road trips, new suits and hairdos and … did someone say another newscaster brawl? Yup, that&CloseCurlyQu…
Actor Paul Rudd Joins Rush Onstage At Tour Finale [Video]
In the 2009 hit movie 'I Love You, Man,' Paul Rudd and Jason Segel play buddies who bond over a shared love of the holy triumvirate known as Rush (the guys jam to the band's songs, and Rush themselves appeared in the movie during a concert scene). Later on, Rudd and Segel reprised their roles alongs…

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