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Museum Of Fear Pictures
The Museum Of Fear IS NOT PLAYING AROUND THIS YEAR PEOPLE. They mean business. To say it’s a relentless experience is an understatement. I did a walk through yesterday afternoon, and I’m still not right. The Museum Of Fear will be open this Thursday, Friday, Saturday …
The 45 Best Haunted House Pics
Remember last year, when the folks at Nightmare Fear Factory had the foresight to put a hidden camera in the haunted house? They captured some (what I'm assuming are) perfectly sane people freaking the *&^% out. Well, guess what. They did it again
Museum Of Fear Is Back!
The entire 3rd floor of the Lafayette Science Museum will once again be dedicated to one of Lafayette's biggest, best and scariest haunted houses, The Museum of Fear!
Final Weekend For Museum Of Fear [Pics]
As Halloween rapidly approaches, we also rapidly approach the end of your chances to experience the Museum of Fear. October 28th and 29th are the final days of this year's exhibit at the Lafayette Science Museum, and you do not want
Haunted House Hidden Camera [Pictures]
Ahhh...Halloween season is HERE! The smell of fear is in the air at last. A haunted house in California had the genius idea of putting a hidden camera in the hallway, right at a major scare. These hidden camera shots from Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, CA are priceless...