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Was Bane The Cause Of The Super Bowl Blackout? [Video]
There still hasn't been a real official meaning behind the power outage at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome during the third quarter of Super Bowl 47. Of course, this has led to controversy and parodies. It didn't take long for to make fun of the event. This being said, the cause…
Cooking With Walken
I love to eat! Don't we all. So, I am browsing the interwebs and found the greatest cooking video ever on It stars the man himself, Christopher Walken.
Don Cheadle As Captain Planet – NSFW [Video]
I found this quite amusing since this station is Planet Radio. Be that is comes from, this is a Captain Planet parody video starring the one and only Don Cheadle as Captain Planet. It also features the lovely and strikingly gorgeous Gillian Jacobs and Efren Ramirez (you know, Pedro fr…

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