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Fox Sports: Superdome 'Like Playing In A Basement'
We know the national media has little respect for our beloved New Orleans Saints. I often see people complaining the league, and national media "hate" them. I disagree. They regard the Black and Gold as 'irrelevant." Fox Sports apparently doesn't like our stadium...
Fox News Anchor Hits Man With Throwing Axe [Video]
There are some things you shouldn't do in the street. One is throwing an axe at a target with people standing on the street behind said target. On Fox News Channel, on the program Fox & Friends, one of the anchors was throwing an axe at a target. He missed the target, only to hit a man play…
Fox News Anchor Makes Baby Cry
You might remember Titus, the free-throw wunderkind whose awesome talent sparked a viral video earlier this year. If not, here you go! Now that we've provided some context for this awesome toddler, let's watch a Fox News anchor make him cry.