Watch This Girl Face Plant During A Bikini Contest [Video]
When people fall, it's funny. When I fall, it's funny. Hell, even Dave Grohl fell during a concert, and as awesome and cant-do-wrong as he is, it was funny. So you better believe I'm gonna laugh when this girl face plants during a bikini contest! Watch the video.
Epic Baltimore Super Bowl Celebration Fail [Video]
We've all seen crazy videos and images of sports fans celebrating and doing dumb stuff in the streets of their hometown after their team has won a world championship. Last night is definitely no exception as this Baltimore Ravens fan celebrates the Ravens Super Bowl Championship last night by climbi…
Hilarious – Astronauts Falling On The Moon [Video]
Tard and I watched this earlier today and could not stop laughing. Not sure why astronauts falling on the moon is so hilarious, but good lord it IS!!! The music kinda helps the hilarity along as well. Check it out after the jump!
Don’t Walk And Text Update
Remember we posted a video of a lady walking through the mall while texting...and she walks right into the fountain? Refresh yourself here if need be. Now she's all upset and crying about it... and she's suing the mall. Watch the video update.

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