Giant Killer Hornets Are Real!
Hide ya kids, hide ya wife. China has a serious problem right now, and that problem is known as GIANT KILLER HORNETS THAT FLY 25 MPH THAT CAN, AND WOULD LOVE TO KILL YOU.
The Facekini Is A Real Thing In China [Pic]
In the land of China, getting a tan is said to show poverty, as only farmers and peasants sport the well sought after tan that most westerners wear. So, they've come up with a luchador looking mask to protect their faces from the sun. My question to you is, are they creepy as hell, or will they…
Christian Bale Gets Assaulted By Chinese Guards [Video]
Batman star and activist Christian Bale was recently in China to try to meet a Chinese human rights activist and gets assaulted by his guards. Haven't the Chinese ever seen the opening scene of 'Batman Begins'? Video after the jump(no pun intended).