5 Foods You Shouldn't Eat At Bedtime
What food has been shown to cause nightmares? Another food could lead to a bedtime incident that none of us want to talk about. Chances are you've eaten all of these foods at bedtime and you really shouldn't
Crazy Dubstep Cereal Commercial [Video]
My first thought was... hannn? Why would bears dancing to electronic music make me want cereal? I dunno... but it works. Also, you know Dubstep has gone mainstream when it's in a cereal commercial! Now... where can I find Wheetabix?
Awesome Dubstep Cereal Commercial - Watch MoreFunny Videos
12 Cereals That Should Comeback
Mr. T Cereal. Urkel O's. Nintedo Cereal. Yes, all these were REAL cereals, but for some reason, just didn't stick around. According to a recent study, 30% of Americans eat cereal for breakfast. With numbers like that, it's time to bring back some cereals of childhood's past...