Russian Couple Has Brutal Encounter With A Moose While Driving [Video]
The craziest things can happen in the north, especially Mother Russia. Now, I don't know what to make of this video and why there are dash cams there. Is this a cop car? Anyhoo, this couple is out for a drive, when suddenly, a moose runs right in front of their vehicle and slams into it, causing an …
Giant Boulder Almost Crushes This Car In Taiwan [Video]
It's instances like this here, that I'm thankful for flat ground here in South Louisiana. This video was taken in Taiwan during a bad storm and in the video, we see a big landslide happen and the car in frame almost gets obliterated by a giant boulder!
This Car Does A Complete Backflip Then Lands [Video]
This might not beat the skateboard backflip I posted last week, but it is pretty impressive! This car, driven by 34-year-old French stuntman named Guerlain Chicherit, did a backflip 75 feet in the air in Tignes, France. Watch the video here.
If You Speed While Driving, Watch This [Video]
I admit it. I've driven a little (lot) over the speed limit before. If you've driven in Lafayette for any amount of time, you know I'm not the only one. My thinking is... a few less minutes on the road, a few more at wherever I'm going. After watching this video though, I will ha…

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