Beach Boys

Hilarious Beach Boys Minus Autotune – Shred [Video]
If you haven't seen the shreds before, you're definitely missing out. This one in particular though is something special. Some would say it's the Beach Boys without autotune...But you have to see Beach Boys Shred 'I Get Around'. Hilarious. Check it out!
2012 New Orleans Bowl Entertainment Line Up Announced
Planning to attend the 2012 New Orleans Bowl to watch the Ragin Cajuns in action? Make sure to head to NOLA on Friday to catch the pre-game party and concert. The entertainment line up has just been announced, and it includes Bad Company and the Beach Boys.
Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo Covers the Beach Boys
The Beach Boys' "God Only Knows," from their groundbreaking 1966 album Pet Sounds, is one of the most timeless songs in popular music. Recently, Weezer singer-guitarist Rivers Cuomo recorded a solo cover of the ballad.