Woman Freaks Out On Flight
A woman on a flight from Denver to Portland started to freak out, flailing around on the cabin floor and talking about the airplane crashing.
Woman On Airplane Flight To Tampa Goes Crazy [Video]
I hate flying, straight up! On this flight to Tampa, Florida, this female passenger suddenly freaks out on the flight and gets the other passengers worried. There is one point in the video where one of the passengers said that they might have to block the door in case she tries to get off the plane.…
Drunk Guy On Airplane Is Duct Taped To His Seat [Video]
A couple days ago, it was reported that there was a guy on a commercial flight from Reykjavik, Iceland to the United States that was so drunk, he had to be duct taped to his own seat by the flight attendants. Video has now surfaced of the drunk guy taped to his seat. Just the idea of that alone is h…

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