British Students Dressed As The 9/11 Twin Towers For Halloween
I guess this Halloween, people around the world just got stuck on stupid. From the girl who dressed as a Boston Marathon bombing victim, to the mom who let her 7 year old dress in a KKK outfit, the hits just keep on coming. Now, pictures surface of 2 British teens who dress as the 9/11 twin towers, …
Man Calls 911 Five Times Because Of Broken iPhone
911 is only for emergencies. You know, if there is a bad accident or if something bad happens. Well, according to Michael Scopec of Illinois, a broken iPhone is a serious emergency. All five calls to the dispatcher were recorded and released publicly.
NFL Players May Take Fine For Wearing Unauthorized 9/11 Tribute Gear
The NFL has some rather strict rules regarding uniforms for the players. According to Yahoo! several NFL players may be hassled with a fine for wearing unauthorized tribute gear for 9/11 this Sunday. Some of the players posted pics of what they plan on wearing, Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs …
September 11 Commemorative Items – Which Go Too Far?
With every historical tragedy comes an array of items honoring victims of the event, and September 11 is no different.
In the 10 years since the attacks, a slew of products have been created to commemorate the tragic events of the day — with some being less tactful than others.
Do these goods (like a …
Man Gets Ripped Off In Crack Deal – Calls 911
According to WCSC News in South Carolina, police arrested a 41-year-old man last week after he called 911 and told officers that he was not given the correct change after buying crack cocaine from a drug dealer.
The North Charleston Police Department arrested Dexter White for disorderly conduct...