Roger Tullgren’s heavy metal lifestyle makes him a less-than-ideal employee.

That’s because the 42-year-old Swedish man attends about 300 metal shows a year, often causing him to miss work.

For the past 10 years, Tullgren has been trying to get his heavy metal addiction classified as a handicap, which would qualify him for sick benefits.

Well, finally, for some reason, a panel of psychologists have done just that, arguing that Tullgren needs to be tagged as disabled so he can “avoid being discriminated against.”

Not only does this ruling mean Tullgren gets government sick benefits to supplement his income, he is allowed to miss his job as a dishwasher to attend heavy metal shows, as long as he makes the time up later.

Furthermore, he has a special dispensation to play loud heavy metal music at work

“Some might say that I should grow up and learn to listen to other types of music but I can’t. Heavy metal is my lifestyle,” Tullgren explained.

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