It looks like David Ayer changed his mind; we’re getting an Extended Cut of Suicide Squad after all.

It’s no surprise that whatever made it to the screen when Suicide Squad hit theaters in August wasn’t the majority of the footage Ayer shot. Press reports claimed that Warner Bros. had struggled with two competing versions of the DC movie after ordering reshoots – a lighter, fun cut and Ayer’s initial darker, “somber” version. The director claimed the movie we saw in the theater was the version he intended to release, essentially crushing any hopes for a Director’s Cut. But now it looks like Ayer and the studio have finally decided to show us what was left on the cutting room floor, or at least some of it.

On Tuesday, Warner Bros. announced the release of an Extended Cut of the movie with a new teaser:

The  Extended Cut will feature 13 additional minutes of footage and, as the studio’s press release described, “more action and more Squad.” Okay, so does that mean we’ll finally get to see Jared Leto’s Joker scenes that never made the cut? Will we see Slipknot’s intro? Will the movie actually make sense this time? And the real question: does anyone actually want to sit through Suicide Squad again to find out? You decide when the Extended Cut hits Digital HD on November 15 and Blu-ray and DVD on December 13.

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