A study done in Campinas, Brazil, a city with a population of around 3 million, has revealed what the most dangerous sex position is.

I'd like to start this off by saying penile fractures are rare, but they do exist. And they're painful! That being said, the most dangerous sex position that the study found is...

Cowgirl, aka girl on top.

How did they come up with the numbers? Researchers dug through 13 years of records from three different hospitals. They found that cowgirl was the cause of half of the penile fractures reported during heterosexual sex. The second worst was doggy style with 29% of the injuries, and missionary coming in with 21%.

I repeat, penile fractures are rare. So much so that out of the 13 years of records from 3 hospitals, only 42 men had the condition confirmed after "clinical, radiological, and surgical evaluation."

Side note: 28 of 42 penile fractures from the study were from heterosexual sex, 4 from homosexual sex, 6 from "penile manipulation", and 4 from "unclear" circumstances.

The more you know...

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