If you're one of MANY people these days using E-cigarettes in place of regular cigarettes, you may want to take a look at this study. It has found that E-cigarettes have the same health risks as regular cigarettes. Keep reading to find out more.

From Inquisitr:

The new report comes from France’s National Consumer Institute, which reiterated warnings from the U.S Food and Drug Administration that cigarettes vaporizing liquid nicotine still have cancer-causing agents.


The study looked at 12 different models of e-cigarettes, finding health risks in the form of “carcinogenic molecules” in the vapor that the electronic cigarettes produced. Thomas Laurenceau, editor of National Consumer Institute, said the study proves that e-cigarettes need to be placed under stricter control. E-cigarettes have been marketed a safer alternative to actual cigarettes, but many health associations have viewed the claim with skepticism.


The American Lung Association is against the electronic devices despite a lack of evidence about the health risks of e-cigarettes, “If e-cigarettes sound too good to be true, that’s because they probably are,” the organization states. “With a dearth of rigorous studies on their safety and effectiveness, experts are increasingly concerned that e-cigarettes may do little to help you stop smoking — and may actually do more harm than good.” The American Lung Association urges consumers to avoid e-cigarettes until the health risks can be studied more thoroughly.


Do you use E-cigarettes? Do studies like this make you rethink it?