Hands-on learning is my preferred method of gaining knowledge. You gotta see it, do it, practice it, then perfect it. It's a pretty fail-safe way to learn.

Sometimes though...sometimes, you get more than you bargained for.

This video seems to be some sort of nursing course dealing with ultrasounds and how to perform them...and a student gets a nice little shock.

I would, quite frankly, have a complete meltdown. Not only does she find out she's preggo, but everyone else does too. At the same time. HARD PASS.

The other girls' faces took me out though. That was HILARIOUS.

Here's the thing though, and you can probably infer after watching that video...it's staged. Fake. This is one 'trend' I am so okay with getting rid of.

Here's her explanation after the video went viral:

I am pretty much up to my limit with these staged/fake viral videos. There are no genuine pranks. No originality.

It would be more tolerable if these people making the videos could act, but I digress.

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