Physical attraction and emotional attraction are usually two wildly different things. When our emotional needs are met we fall in love. When  our physical needs are met we usually fall in lust. One of those is everlasting, the other is the reason there are hook-up sites on the Internet.

Take a minute and think about what kind of person is physically attractive to you. Now, if you're of a certain age compare that person you just thought of to a person you might have thought of ten, fifteen, or even twenty years ago.

Chances are, at least for men, that object of desire has a lot more curves today than the object of your desire might have had just a few years back. It's not that we think we have to fantasize within our own age group, it's more about hardwired biology.

Here he goes with that science stuff again.

Once upon a time what we consider to be overweight or chubby was considered a sign of beauty. That's because once upon a time food was scarce. If you could afford to be fat then  you had food. You probably had money. You probably were pretty secure and comfortable in your general security and home. That was attractive.

The more stress a person has in their life the more they are conditioned to fall back on those subliminal hardwired ideas for choosing the perfect mate. Men who have a lot of stress in their lives tend to find women who are fuller figured to be more attractive than those twigs they call supermodels.

Maybe that's why when we get older we naturally spread out a little bit more. Perhaps it's natures way of making sure that the emotional love of our life will stay the physical lust of our life as well. It's really a great combination when both of those people are the same person.

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