I traveled with a friend to visit Charlene Richard's gravesite in Richard, Louisiana, and a strange noise could be heard the whole time we were there.

If you listen closely in this video, the noise almost sounds like an animal in distress.  The problem?  The noise never wavered; it seemed to repeat itself over and over, almost rhythmically.  Take a listen:

According to Wikipedia, Charlene Richard was only 12 when she was diagnosed with cancer.  A priest told her that she was going to die, but she remained chipper, offering her suffering up to God.  She even prayed for others, asking God to relieve them of their sickness and convert them to Catholicism.  According to that priest and a nun, those people that Charlene prayed for were healed and/or converted, as asked.

Many locals are hoping that Charlene Richard is considered for canonization, but no official path has been set for that to happen.

What do you make of the sound?  We looked around and found no barns.  There was an open field next door, with a small patch of woods.  We drove down the road, and the sound was NOT coming from the woods.  There were also some oilfield tanks in that area, but we could not pinpoint from where the sound emanated.

Google Maps
Google Maps

What could it have been?

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