Stone Gossard isn't just one of the brilliant guitarists behind Pearl Jam's spectacular releases, he's also part of a group called Painted Shield, along with singer-songwriter Mason Jennings, singer and keyboardist and Brittany Davis and drummer Matt Chamberlain. The group has dropped a new video for their song "Dead Man's Dream."

"Dead Man's Dream" is the latest single from the band's upcoming sophomore album Painted Shield 2, which serves as the follow-up to their 2020 eponymous debut. Painted Shield 2 will be out April 22 via Loosegroove Records — a record label that Gossard formed with fellow-Seattle native and drummer Regan Hagar back in 1994.

"This video is probably the third time we ran through 'Dead Man's Dream' at PJ warehouse a few weeks ago, and I happen to think it rocks hard. Mason's sick sing song melody and tongue-in-cheek nihilism, Brit is channeling Jimi Hendrix meets Aretha [Franklin]… and the groove is pumping with so much life. Matt Chamberlain and Jeff Fielder slaying. Pretty great beginnings I'd say... it's gonna be a fun ride," Gossard said in a statement.

"Regan Hagar has been one of my best friends for 30 years, and we’ve had a long history with music in Seattle. I want to put together a label and a musical community that is supportive. This is a vehicle for wealth creation and artistic endeavors," the guitarist noted of the label in a press quote.

Gossard and Jennings first started working together in 2014 after a mutual friend suggest they collaborate, and the duo released two tracks titled "Knife Fight" and "Caught in a Mess" later that year. However, according to an interview with Rolling Stone, they weren't able to get serious about working on a full-length album until later on.

The COVID-19 pandemic put a hold on Pearl Jam's tour in support of their 2020 album Gigaton, so Gossard was able to spend much of his downtime finishing up Painted Shield's debut, which came out in November of that year.

Check out the lyrics and video for "Dead Man's Dream" below.

Painted Shield, 'Dead Man's Dream' Lyrics

It’s a hard road any way it comes
Life is good if you have the guns
Got a bad idea that still sounds fun
Still sounds fun

Is it all for love
Is it all in vain
Is it alright
Is it all the same
Is it all my fault or can we share the blame
Share the blame

Working on a dead man’s dream
Working on a dead man’s dream

There’s too many pictures hanging on the wall
It’s either too high to climb or too far to fall
I love you baby but that ain’t all
That ain’t all

There’s a thousand reasons in the book of god
Why I should be grateful for the things I’ve got
A thousand reasons but I’m still not
I’m still not

Working on a Dead Man’s Dream
Working on a Dead Man’s Dream

When I’m looking down from up above
At the thing I’ve built
At the ones I love
I hope my magic act was good enough
Good enough
Working on a dead man’s dream
Working on a dead man’s dream

Painted Shield - 'Dead Man's Dream'

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