Danny Lesh's bike was stolen when he let his friend borrow his $600 Cannondale Hybrid, and an easily removable lock was placed on it. After less than a week went by, Lesh spotted his bike on Craigslist with a price tag of $100. When the D.C. police told him his case would have to wait, Danny Lesh took the law into his own hands. Find out how he got his bike back from the thief after the jump! 

According to Inquisitr:

"Lesh arranged to meet with the seller to look at the bike, the two met in an alley where Lesh took the bike for a “test ride.”

In a funny turn of events the guy who Lesh stole the bike back from called him repeatedly and even threatened to call the police if the bike wasn’t returned.

After he rode the bike he had owned since 1998 home Lesh, who knew he had the right bike because of a prominent sticker he placed himself, listed a warning on Craigslist to other buyers, noting that the man was selling stolen property. Lesh’s own ad specifically warned buyers to stay away from high end bikes being sold at discounted prices."

While this ending turned out AWESOME, remember that police warn victims not to try to steal back their possessions.

Here's the story that MSNBC did on Danny Lesh and his bicycle vigilante-ism

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