The beads have been swept away, the barricades have been picked up, and Mardi Gras is long gone but Steven Barbosa is still feeling the love.

Barbosa, a Youngsville native, was captured in a video that showcased what millions have described as "a vibe" as he jigged along to Kevin Gates' 2013 track 'Thinking With My D***' at a Lafayette Mardi Gras parade.

That was almost four weeks ago to the day, and since local videographer John Weatherall III captured Barbosa's carefree bopping, he's been seen and shared by millions on just about every social platform you can imagine.

After the shares came the parodies and remix videos that sent Barbosa into an even higher level of viral fame that still rolls on to this day.

He's even had businesses fly him out to do guest appearances for his fans. Just last weekend he was in Indiana at a Cadillac dealership where excited fans had the chance to grab a photo with him and even make their own custom TikToks.

Barbosa and his fans aren't the only ones who are excited about his newfound viral popularity. After the song 'Thinking With My D***' debuted at #37 on this week's Billboard Top 100, Steven got a message from Gates' management thanking him for all the hype as of late.

For what it's worth the record is also #1 on the TikTok charts an the Billboard accomplishment is only Gates' second effort to hit that mark as '2 Phones' peaked at #17 on the same list.

When I asked Barbosa about his recent appearance he was beaming with excitement and told me the exact same thing he said when I reached out to him when his video was starting to bubble here locally on March 4 after Mardi Gras.

It was AMAZING! Met some really awesome people. Got to experience awesome restaurants like St. Elmo's steak house and more. Made more videos with cool people and their videos have millions of views and likes. It really was a great experience for my wife and I.

As far as what's next for Barbosa? He seems to be riding the wave, living his life, and working as a wealth advisor here in the Lafayette area.

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Meanwhile, his original video on John Weatherall's page has racked up over 50 million views and counting on TikTok.

I'm still trying to find the lady clapping in the background. Let's do her next.

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