How's your mind? Blown? Researchers have been working for years to try to create sperm in order to inseminate eggs to eventually give hope to would be parents who are sterile. 

Researchers at Kyoto University have been working on this project since 2009, and have successfully produced healthy sperm cells from sterile mice, they then fertilized mouse eggs and implanted them as embryos into female mice. Geekosystem says:

The germ cells were injected into the testes of sterile mice. After some time, the testes were removed, and the researchers found mature sperm. The sperm was collected and used to fertilize mice eggs in vitro. The eggs were then implanted into female mice. The experiment resulted in the birth of 65 healthy mouse babies, where the mice were sexually viable and capable of having their own children."

While a lot of this is very technical and over my head, it's an interesting debate. What are your thoughts if they're one day able to do this to humans???

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