Artist, Sillof, created these action figures while re-imagining Star Wars during the American Wild West. It's pretty awesome! He's even given them updated names, and duties. Luke, Vader, even Obi-Wan and Chewie get re-imagined! Check them out!

Here's the "Good Guys" of West Wars


Han Solo becomes Hank Solomon


Hank is a gun runner and smuggler who sells surplus arms to rebels south of the border. He is also quick on the draw.

Obi-Wan/Old Ben Kenobi becomes "Old" Bennet Kennelly


A one time sheriff of a western border town who was driven into hiding when his former deputy turned on him and took over the territory.

Darth Vader becomes Sheriff Akan "Death" Vardas


Now the sheriff of the border town he works for the corrupt robber barons and railroad tycoons of the territory.

Chewbacca becomes Chewing Bear


Chewing Bear is the loyal companion of Hank Solomon. Solomon aided Chewing Bear's tribe when Sheriff Vardas try to massacre the Indian tribe.

There's a few more including the droids, Leah, Storm Troopers, even Boba Fett.

Sillof makes plenty of other Star Wars re-imagined figures as well. From WWII style, to Samurai!