A St. Landry Parish woman is concerned about the "white smoke or chemicals" coming from airplanes.

In a viral Facebook post, Linda Thomas questions why so many planes are in the sky over Eunice and Opelousas. She also has concerns about the "smoke or chemicals" coming from the planes.

What you may think is smoke or chemicals behind planes is actually contrails, which is short for condensation trails. As hot exhaust gases escape from the plane's engine, the water vapor in the fumes hits the air, thus creating a trail that looks like smoke.

As for the number of planes in the air on Wednesday, April 1 of 2020, well it was a REALLY clear day and planes were much more visible. Having grown up not far from St. Landry Parish, I can say that I have always seen a lot of planes in the sky.

Air traffic has always been busy over that part of the state as planes travel from Houston to Atlanta and beyond.

So no, nothing was being sprayed over St. Landry Parish or any other parish for that matter. What many noticed on Wednesday was just a busy day in the sky, on a very clear day.

Here's the post that has gone viral explaining Thomas' concerns.

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