The best part of waking up is not finding a certain brand of coffee in your cup, it's waking up to an extra $50,000 in your pocket. Or at least I would imagine that having $50,000 in your pocket would be better than a basic cup of coffee. Now, if we are being absolutely transparent, I can't say I know that from experience.

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However, one resident of South Louisiana might be able to tell us what that feels like because someone who purchased a ticket for last night's Powerball game in South Louisiana has increased their net worth by $50 grand.

Players who bought into last night's ( 09/08/21) drawing in the multi-state lottery game Powerball were hoping to land the $388 million jackpot. However, no single ticket matched the necessary numbers to claim that prize. However, a ticket sold in Louisiana matched four of the five white-ball numbers and the Powerball. So that ticket is worth $50,000 according to the rules of the game.

Here are the numbers from last night's drawing.

09   22   41   47   61  Powerball 21 and Powerplay x2.

According to the Big Wins in Louisiana Page on the Louisiana Lottery website the $50,000 winner was purchased in Lake Charles. It was sold at Nelson Point which is located at 5841 Nelson Road. The holder of that ticket will want to sign the back of it immediately for their own protection and then contact their local Louisiana Lottery office about how to redeem their winnings.

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Last night's drawing also generated six $200 winners in Louisiana and two more $100 winners. As we mentioned the big jackpot was not won in last night's drawing so it will be an estimated $409 million when the ping pong balls drop on Saturday, September 11th.

Meanwhile, the Mega Millions Jackpot is growing too. That jackpot for Friday, September 10th is estimated to be $368 million. So, that's nothing to sneeze at either.

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Incidentally, we've done some math and some calculating, and based on "history" both of those multi-state lottery games are due to get winners. In fact, according to our calculations, there should have been a big money winner last weekend so, I wouldn't be surprised if someone claims millions with an "s" of dollars this weekend when those drawing happen.

If you do plan on playing any lottery game or any game of chance please realize there is a risk you could lose your investment so do play responsibly. Now, if you were wondering what you might use those big-money lottery dollars on, we have a suggestion.

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