Since their reunion in 2010, fans have been waiting for one thing – a new album from Soundgarden. But, don’t go asking for it for Christmas just yet because as of Chris Cornell’s last report, the tentative release date is not until Spring of 2012.

One thing that fans can be assured of though is that the wheels are in motion and the writing has begun. In a recent interview with ‘Blog of New Orleans,’ guitarist Kim Thayil spoke about the four of them writing together again and the collaboration on the song that is likely to be their first single.

“If things are going the way we’ve been talking, one of the earliest songs we release will be a collaboration where we all wrote,” he divulges, adding, “It came about out of an idea of Matt’s. We all contributed some music; Chris came up with the lyrics afterwards.”

As in the past, the band is writing both together and individually. According to Thayil, “Chris has done very well over the years writing solo compositions, where he’s writing the music and lyrics.” But that’s just the beginning, Cornell then brings the song to the rest of the band “and we twist it around and add our flavor to it,” explains Thayil.

When talking about the sound that the new album, Thayil was pretty tight lipped only saying, “We’re definitely putting on the shoes that fit, the four of us.”

While the new music is their main goal right now, Thayil admits that they have a lot of plans for previously unreleased items as well: “Songs, unreleased tapes, compilations — we definitely want to get these things out there. We will,” assures Thayil.

For now, fans can get their Soundgarden fix in the form of a live show as the band headlines the 2011 Voodoo Experience this weekend in New Orleans on Oct. 28.

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