About six months ago this video was uploaded to YouTube of Soundgarden playing at Rhino Records in Los Angeles in 1989!

The video was filmed a few weeks after their major label debut album Louder Than Love hit store shelves. You may notice that Jason Everman is playing bass.

Everman played bass for Soundgarden between original bassist Hiro Yamamoto, and his permanent replacement Ben Shepherd.

It's pretty amazing to see how effortlessly Chris Cornell belts out these songs. He truly was amazing.

The full set is right around thirty minutes long. It features six songs in total.

1. Get On The Snake 0:25
2. Ugly Truth 4:03
3. Big Dumb Sex 9:26
4. Hands All Over 14:06
5. Gun 20:05
6. Beyond The Wheel 25:35

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