Sofia Vergara has been caught up in a "custody battle" with her ex-fiance in Louisiana courts for the past four years. Vergara's ex-fiance Nick Loeb, who is a Tulane University graduate, sued for control of the embryos the two created while they were together. Yes, this a strange and honestly sad situation, and I'll do my best to explain it.

In 2014, Nick Loeb took Vergara to court in California in an attempt to gain control of the embryos. He later had the suit dropped.

Next, Loeb established a trust for the embryos here in Louisiana, and the proceeded to sue Vergara again. Vergara was able to get that suit thrown out of court.

Then, Loeb moved to Plaquemines and filed yet another law suit in state court in "Belle Chasse on Jan. 9, invoking Louisiana's Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act" according to Vergara was once again able to have that suit successfully thrown out of court on the basis that Louisiana's laws pertain to living children and not unborn embryos.

Now, Loeb filled another suit in a Belle Chasse court, and this time the Judge sided with him stating that "it's a custody case over which federal courts lack jurisdiction."

Confused yet? Me too. however, here's what it all sadly means.

Loeb now has custody of the unborn embryos he made with Sofia Vergara. His plan now is to have the two embryos implanted into another woman to give birth to the babies.

Vergara is reportedly going to return to the Belle Chasse court on July 11th and ask the Judge to reconsider his decision.




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