We've got another scorching clip from a band that makes every music video count -- Slipknot. Like other Slipknot vids, the band's visual offering for "Killpop" was directed by percussionist Shawn 'Clown' Crahan and takes the viewer into a dark dimension.

Slipknot have already unleashed two clips from their 2014 full-length, .5: The Gray Chapter. Music videos for the unrelenting "The Negative One" and the dynamic "The Devil in I" both went in interesting directions, as does this fresh film for "Killpop."

"Killpop" is ironically one of Slipknot's poppiest tracks from .5: The Gray Chapter, but the song's video is far from bubblegum. The video is split between footage of Slipknot members and two women who seem to be mirror images of each other. The females switch from copying each other's movements to acting as two separate beings. They seemingly stalk the Slipknot members while various musicians are alone in a warehouse labyrinth.

"You know, what's funny [is] over the last few weeks, I've really gotten everyone's interpretation of what that song means to them, and it's nowhere near what I wrote about," vocalist Corey Taylor recently told WGRD 97.9 FM about "Killpop." "So it's kind of interesting to hear people's interpretations of what I'm singing about. And I'll be honest with you: the song is my reflection on my relationship with music. That's who the 'she' is. And not just music, but the music industry in general. So there's a love-hate relationship there that really kind of comes into view."

Feast your eyes on Slipknot's newest music video above! Also, be sure to catch the nine while they embark on their 2015 North American tour with Lamb of God, Bullet for My Valentine and Motionless in White.

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