Slipknot / Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor is an accomplished man not just in music. An author of multiple best-selling books, radio host and so much more, the singer does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, he spoke about future endeavors, revealing he wrote a song for U.K. pop singer / songwriter Robbie Williams and that he would even like to do a country album, among a slew of other ideas.

After reminiscing about his homeless past prior to musical success and then the debauchery that came with being in Slipknot, Taylor acknowledged he is "at a really good point" in his life, finding a renewed drive to do more based on previous accomplishments. "I want to f--king go above and beyond and really do it all. All these new dreams are coming out for me," he said, going on to list wanting to write another book (there's already a new one on the way this summer), work on a screenplay, a comic and even a "spoken word thing" as well as an acoustic album.

"I want to a country album," the frontman exclaimed. The list of possibilities seemed endless as he added he'd like to open a club in Des Moines, Iowa, is continuing work on his label Great Big Mouth, would like "to be a total d--k and use my notoriety to be in a movie" and write songs for people outside of his genre.

This is when he revealed, "I actually wrote a song for Robbie Williams. I just love Robbie Williams. He’s f--king amazing. He cracks me up, he’s a great entertainer, he’s an amazing singer. And, I just love the energy that he’s got. I know that I’ll probably f--king lose cool points with a few people for that, but I just f--king love him, I think he’s great.”

All of this is a far cry from the Corey Taylor of old, who was homeless for a while as a teenager, living a self-described Bohemian lifestyle, sleeping under bridges and on friends' floors and couches. This changed after joining Slipknot and when the band achieved success, the singer found himself abusing alcohol heavily and engaging in debauchery.

Speaking about a moment on Slipnkot's Iowa tour, Taylor recalled, "I just remember laying in a shower buck-ass naked, being filmed, with two girls peeing on me. It was nuts, but it was just so much fun at the time. It hadn’t crossed the line to dark yet. It hadn’t gotten that bad, yet. And I can just remember kinda lookin’ at the camera going, ‘what the f--k am I doing?’ It was a lotta debauchery, but it was also just having the time of your life."

Taylor's fourth book, America 51, will be arriving on July 11 of next year through De Capo Press. The official description, in part, reads, "Slipknot and Stone Sour have taught [Taylor] about what it means to be an American in an increasingly unstable world. He examines the way America sees itself, specifically with regard to the propaganda surrounding America’s origins (like a heavy-metal Howard Zinn), while also celebrating the quirks and behavior that make a true-blue American."

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