Chris Fehn is ready for the spotlight! Just a few days after we got teaser videos featuring Slipknot‘s drummer Joey Jordison and late bassist Paul Gray, the band’s latest ‘Antennas to Hell’ video series clip centers on the percussionist.

One of Slipknot’s many strengths as a band is their dedication to percussive instruments, with Jordison, M. Shawn Crahan and Fehn all finding something to pound away on during their shows. In this latest video, we see Fehn relentlessly beating on individual drums, but also some less traditional items like plastic trash bins, burning metal trash cans, and other custom designed instruments designed to get a special sound.

While all of the members of the band wear masks, Fehn stands out for his elongated nose which you can often see waggling from side to side as he headbangs along with the performance. The video ends with Fehn finally at rest as he steps away from the kit to admire the impressive pyrotechnic show that tends to wrap the band’s concerts.

As with past videos in the ‘Antennas to Hell’ series, the clip is soundtracked by a particular song spliced up and remixed. This time it’s ‘Wait and Bleed’ that gets the spotlight.

Fehn’s video is the latest in the series, following Gray, Jordison, and DJ Sid Wilson. If the band continues in their numerical order, that would make guitarist Jim Root, aka No. 4, next.

The ‘Antennas to Hell’ teasers are reportedly leading up to a greatest hits package announcement, according to a recent Tweet from singer Corey Taylor. The release date is set for July 17.

Watch Slipknot Percussionist Chris Fehn’s ‘Antennas to Hell’ Teaser Video

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