We recently got not one, not two, but three metal legends on the phone for an awesome roundtable discussion. To help promote their upcoming tour, Slayer's Tom Araya, Suicidal Tendencies' Mike Muir and Exodus' Steve 'Zetro' Souza spoke with us for a full hour. The guys discussed a bunch of topics, including this portion of the interview, where Araya and Muir praised Eminem for the rapper's talent.

Last week, we posted a chunk of the roundtable interview focused on the three bands' monster 2014 tour and Exodus' newest album, 'Blood In, Blood Out.' Moving onward, we asked the trio about musicians they looked up to and, in their minds, could never surpass when it came to talent. In a huge surprise, the first name that Tom Araya pulled out was Eminem.

"The person that's really impressive to me that can really put together something -- Eminem," says Araya. "He can put together words and sounds and syllables and make it [work]. He's really good at that. He's really good at putting words together, making them work. That's a talent."

Mike Muir quickly chimed in, sharing Araya's views on the rapper. "I have to say, when you mentioned Eminem, I have to say this: There's perceptions a lot of times, with him being the white dude doing rap, it's like, 'Ehhh.' You know what I mean? Someone was just talking the other day and had summed it up perfectly. They said that the difference with Eminem is like, he's actually legit at what he does, whereas Iggy Azalea or whatever, is just a straight rip. It's not that she's white, she's just straight ripping off, you know? That's the difference. Eminem came out and did his thing. I think actually it was probably a little bit difficult at first [because he's white]. Whenever you do things different, at first it's more difficult and then hopefully later on, people appreciate it."

The most entertaining part of our Eminem chat was when we asked Zetro if he was a big Eminem fan:

Zetro: Ummmm….

Mike Muir: I know you've got his poster on your wall -- that signed poster. For his birthday he wanted that signed poster. I got it for him. [Laughs]

Tom Araya: We've got to post that selfle, dude. [Laughs]

Zetro: Do I have to lie and say yes? Let me tell you something, I love metal. If you were to get in my car right now, I've got the new live Kreator in there right now. I appreciate [Eminem], I think he's a great lyricist and he's an awesome performer for that type of music, but to be honest with you, I really don't listen to much of it. I love metal, I listen to metal.

Stay tuned for even more great stuff from our roundtable talk with Araya, Muir and Zetro coming soon! For the full list of Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus 2014 tour dates, click here.

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