Slayer guitarist Kerry King sits at the head of the “man table” in a new Jagermeister spot, proving he is also a “Slayer” of the deer-labeled liquor.

Slayer have played several Jagermeister sponsored gigs, and now King appears as a figurehead for the spirit in their latest commercial — ‘A Seat at the Table.’ In the minute-long ad, a man — who may or may not be a Juggalo — endures a quest to an isolated castle where he must prove himself worthy to drink from the “goblet of Jager,” so to speak.

The face-painted protagonist eventually reaches a table populated by “uncommon men” — which includes King, world champion bullfighter Rob Smets, NFL Wide Receiver Keyshawn Johnson, World Champion Boxing Trainer Freddie Roach, NASCAR Pit Crew Chief Mike Lingerfelt, Famed Street and Tattoo Artist Mister Cartoon and Big Wave Surfer Nathan Fletcher — proving he is worthy of partaking in the consumption of a “strong drink for strong men.” The clip also features footage of Slayer rocking out.

Slayer are currently without guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who is still recovering from a nasty bout with Necrosis. They recently announced that they will continue touring with Exodus guitarist Gary Holt until their ailing member is ready to return. There are also plans for the thrash metal kings to enter the studio to record their 12th album at some point this year.

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