If there was a joystick attached to a game in a casino, would you be more inclined to play it?

Casinos are trying to attract more millennials, as slot machines are for an "older demographic." One way they're trying to do this is by testing the waters on more arcade style games that allow the user more control over the game.

Gregory Hennagin, Golden Nugget's senior vice president of casino operations, said that some games are being developed that are like older arcade games like Space Invaders and Centipede. These games were recently tested at a recent gaming conference in Las Vegas, and they were a hit.

"It's able to hook up to any type of genre of game from a Candy Crush-like game, guitar games, music, dance, chess, Halo, Call of Duty; whatever it is, we can incorporate this to allow chance and skill," said Gregg Giuffria, CEO of G2 Game Design.

The timeline on when, or even IF these types of games will be put onto casino floors doesn't exist. And as of now, these types of games are not legal in Louisiana, but Hennagin sees them being legalized in the future, as Vegas and Atlantic City are taking the initiative on them.