Tomorrow, we are going to experience our second round of icy winter weather this year. Last Friday, temperatures were below freezing for a good part of the day, which led to everything icing up outside. Roads, bridges, cars and just about anything you can think of was covered with a layer of ice.

As you know, we Cajuns are not prepared for such conditions. Businesses and schools close, roadways and bridges are shutdown as well as overpasses. It's absolute havoc! I know northerners are just laughing at us. Here are some facts and simple tips when dealing with a South Louisiana winter storm.

  • If you have a carport to park under tonight, please utilize it!

  • Of course, make sure you use the right tips so your water pipes do not burst! That's a no-brainer!

  • Before you settle down tonight, make sure you bring your plants and animals inside. There's another no-brainer.

  • Make sure you get a very good night of sleep, cause dealing with this is stressful and being exhausted doesn't help.

  • Make sure you get up at least an hour earlier than you usually do if you plan on commuting to work.

  • DO NOT USE HOT WATER TO DEFROST YOUR WINDSHIELD! (Use cold water if you have to.)

  • If you have to leave, run your car on defrost for 25-30 minutes so that ice will break up on your windows. Remember if you leave and go to work, prepare to do this more than once!

  • Use a credit card or CD to scrape excess ice off.

  • If you do not have to leave your home, DON'T! Stay off the roads if you can!

  • Watch out for black ice, you know, those deadly puddles on the road!

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