The cover song is a big part of many band's repertoire and Shinedown's Brent Smith and Zach Myers recently teamed up to lay down several acoustic covers of their favorite songs. The result is a new EP titled '(ACOUSTIC SESSIONS)' that will be released under the moniker Smith + Myers via iTunes and at all digital retailers on Jan. 28.

The covers were selected by the band's fans, and the duo laid down the tracks with the cameras rolling for this special project. Frontman Brent Smith says, "This is for the fans. They picked the songs and we recorded them. It's as simple as that. And I must say that our audience has great taste."

The six-song collection runs the gamut of inspiration from the punk-infused 'London Calling' that was originally done by The Clash to the soulful Otis Redding classic 'Sitting on the Dock of the Bay' and Metallica's darkly heavy 'Nothing Else Matters." The EP also features the duo's take on Black Crowes' 'She Talks to Angels,' Kenny Wayne Shepherd's 'Blue on Black' and Soul Asylum's 'Runaway Train.' Shepherd himself turns up in a surprise cameo on 'Blue on Black.'

On top of the cover songs, the duo let longtime collaborator and video director Darren Doane join them in the studio and each of the covers were filmed to provide fans with a video companion to the six-song EP. The first song to be made available in video form was the band's cover of 'London Calling,' which can be seen above. Look for other videos popping up during the build to the Jan. 28 release.

In other Shinedown news, the band's appearance as part of 'The Live Room' will air on Palladia at 9PM ET tonight (Jan. 22). The set, recorded at the historic Henson Studio in Los Angeles, finds the band performing such standouts as 'Bully' and 'I'll Follow You,' plus their cover of Carole King's 'I Feel the Earth Move.'

Smith + Myers, '(ACOUSTIC SESSIONS)' Track Listing

1.'London Calling' - Originally Performed By The Clash
2.'Sitting on the Dock of the Bay' - Originally Performed By Otis Redding
3.'Nothing Else Matters' - Originally Performed By Metallica
4.'She Talks to Angels' - Originally Performed By Black Crowes
5.'Blue on Black' - Originally Performed By Kenny Wayne Shepherd
6. 'Runaway Train' - Originally Performed By Soul Asylum

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