It seems so far-fetched, even by Hollywood’s standards: Actor Shia LaBeouf, star of ‘Transformers’ and other mainstream blockbuster films, rubbing elbows with musician Marilyn Manson, the reigning king of shock rock.

But not only are they friends, they’re also collaborators. And the result of their recent work together is now available for the world to see — the graphic and NSFW video directed by LaBeouf for the Manson song ‘Born Villain.’

LaBeouf, who has been intrigued by Manson since childhood, says he had a blast making the ‘Born Villain’ clip, which exceeds six minutes and features topless women and some disturbing imagery. Said the actor-cum-director:

“This, for me, this is a really cool diversion for me when I’m not making a movie. It gives me an opportunity to work with musicians I admire who I would otherwise never get to work with in any other capacity. … It allows me to be creative in another art form and work with heroes.”

LaBeouf and Manson are scheduled to attend a book signing and screening Thursday night in Los Angeles. (Hey, Mr. Manson: You better pack an umbrella, just in case LaBeouf is tempted to spit water on you like he did last week in L.A.)

The video’s way too racy for us to post here, but you can check out some stills below and watch the whole thing on YouTube.





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