During Sevendust’s recent visit to our studio, guitarist Clint Lowery and vocalist Lajon Witherspoon told us all about the band’s real-life Spinal Tap experiences.

Every musician on Earth appreciates Spinal Tap, not just because it’s hilarious, but because it’s a brilliant depiction of life as a touring band. Whether it’s getting lost on the way to the stage or experiencing embarrassing technical difficulties while performing, all bands have a Spinal Tap story.

Lowery recalls an early trek in Sevendust’s career called the Roar Tour. During one of the run’s opening dates, Sevendust found themselves performing to nothing but empty amphitheater seats and security guards, as the venue hadn’t let any fans into the venue yet.

Another Spinal Tap story comes from Lajon, who details a disastrous day onstage where technical difficulties brought Sevendust’s performance to an unceremonious halt. Lowery’s guitar cut out during a song, which wasn’t too big a deal, until Vince Hornsby’s bass cut out. Two axes down, guitarist John Connolly had a slip-and-fall accident onstage, leaving Sevendust with absolutely nothing except percussion and vocals.

Let Clint Lowery and Lajon Witherspoon tell you about it themselves in the clip above!

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