Earlier this year, Seether revealed they were working on three new tracks that would be released in 2013. But instead of being part of a new album, those songs will be included on 'Seether 2002-2013,' a 27-song, two-disc career retrospective to be released Oct. 29.

Here's what the band had to say about the collection: "Well, it’s official… We are 'one of those' bands. We are at a point in our journey that we have decided to bookend this era of our career with our upcoming Greatest Hits release 'Seether: 2002-2013.'"

"When we were given the task of assembling the track listing… we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. But, believe it or not, we are also fans of the band and wanted to approach it with what would “we – a Seether fan” like to hear in a 'Seether Greatest Hits.'”

The collection includes the band's 11 No. 1 singles, including 'Remedy,' 'Fake It,' 'Country Song' and 'Rise Above This.'

There are also other Seether hits and B-sides along with the three new songs. They also recorded 'Seether,' a cover of the 1994 Veruca Salt song and the origin of the band's name. It will be the album's first single.

After playing some U.S. shows this summer, Seether will travel the world with special shows in support of 'Seether 2002-2013.' They will do 'An Intimate Night with Seether,' a semi-acoustic storytellers style tour. It kicks off Nov. 5 in London. All the dates can be found here.

Seether - 'Seether 2002-2013' Track Listing

Disc 1
1. 'Fine Again'
2. 'Driven Under'
3. 'Gasoline'
4. 'Broken' (feat Amy Lee)
5. 'Remedy'
6. 'Truth'
7. 'The Gift'
8. 'Fake It'
9. 'Rise Above This'
10. 'Breakdown'
11. 'Careless Whisper'
12. 'Country Song'
13. 'Tonight'
14. 'No Resolution'
15. 'Here and Now'

Disc 2
1. 'Seether'
2. 'Safe To Say I've Had Enough'
3. 'Weak'
4. 'Out Of My Way'
5. 'Hang On'
6. 'Blister'
7. 'Innocence'
8. 'Let Me Go'
9. 'No Shelter'
10. 'Burn The Bridges' (demo)
11. 'Butterfly With Teeth' (demo)
12. 'Melodious' (demo)

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